Yo Adrian!

September 14th, 2010

Inspired by Likability gap seems to hold Fenty back, Preserving D.C.’s hard-won gains (Washington Post 9/12/10), Adrian Fenty for Mayor: The Jerk D.C. Needs (Washington City Paper 9/10/10), and Fenty is the right guy at the right time (Mark Tapscott, Washington Examiner 9/09/10).


It’s not often that the Post, City Paper, and Examiner agree.

That alone would be (almost) enough for me.

Today is the DC mayoral primary,

The results of which are important (very).

Even Gray admits Fenty’s policies have made DC better,

It’s just that Fenty is too much of an abrasive go-getter.

Did Fenty sometimes appear obstinant, or make mistakes?

Maybe, but sometimes a little obstinance is what it takes.

He made chanes noone ever succeeded in making before.

And now he needs time to make more.

The District used to have the worst school system in the nation,

And also amoung the most expensive (according to EdWeek’s compilation).

Now, DC is a model for public school reform,

A fact which DC residents vote should inform.

Test scores have improved across the board,

And even some of Fenty’s and Rhee’s former opponents are now on board.

But education reform’s most bitter opponents

Are now strong Gray proponents.

Like the Post says, “finally, the District is headed in the right direction,”

But Fenty might still loose the primary election.

In addition to education, efficiency and public safety have also improved,

But alas, many voters remain unmoved.

Some DC residents are saying that Fenty “sold out” to Ward 3

(That’s where most of the white people live, like me).

I personally think that’s absurd,

And resent the “Uncle Tom” slight that’s inferred.

(Besides, Fenty has also done a lot for Ward 8,

But a lot of voters there remain irate.)

People say they want change, but there’s always someone who opposes it:

People like change in the abstract, just not what actually composes it.

Obama is actually facing a lot of the same backlash

(Although noone has accused Obama of being overly brash).

Progress isn’t automatic–

It’s hard to overcome entrenched interests bureaucratic.

It’s not easy to run a big urban city,

Especially if you try to do it by committee.

I’m not saying Gray is a bad man,

I just don’t’ think he has a very good plan.

I also don’t think he’d be as good an administrator,

And would be more likely to entrenched interests to cater.

The polls have been rough, but I’m hoping Fenty will do fine.

Elections are a marathon, but now we’re at the finish line.

Yes, maybe Fenty is (or at least used to be) a little cocky,

But after all, he’s the underdog (just like in Rocky).

So please, DC Dems, get out today and vote–

For Fenty, even if he no longer floats your boat.


Here’s your theme music (and the source of our titular reference), Gonna Fly Now from the movie Rocky, followed by the “Yo Adrian” scene below.



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