Yes We Can

November 4th, 2009

Inspired by November 4, 2008. Noam4Prez commented that I didn’t list any specific accomplishments, so here are some. And in response to TruthJusticeforAll, yes, he did.  Also check out Eugene Robinson’s excellent article “A world of change in 287 days” (Washington Post 11/03/09) and our earlier piece on Obama’s accomplishments.

 Happy Anniversary President Obama

Happy Anniversary, President Obama.

One year ago today, you were elected.

I now that things are tough,

But please don’t be dejected.

     It’s been about nine months

Since you’ve been in office.

And what you’ve already accomplished

No fair person can dismiss.

     Alas, not everyone is fair

(Particularly the right-wing doctrinaire).

Some find fault wherever they can,

And fabricate it if it’s not there.

     But me, I think you’re doing great

With accomplishments that one can’t overstate.

You’ve done more than one could reasonably expect,

Especially given the country’s prior state of neglect.

     So Republicans and Fox News:

That Hopey Changey thing is working out great, thanks for asking

(We’re still in the glory basking).

So please with all the criticism stop,

And like the President said, “grab a mop.”

     And fellow Liberals:

Even if you don’t agree with everything that’s been done,

Remember, the Bush years

Were a lot less fun.


Here’s the President’s one year inspirational message (click here to volunteer).

Speaking of inspirational, I know you’ve seen it before, but just watch it again anyway.

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