Worshiping the (Job) Creator (or: How About Some Respect for the People Who Actually Work Those Jobs?)

September 5th, 2011

In honor of Labor Day, inspired by Congress reciting jobs mantra, but the chorus is still partisan (David Fahrenthold, Washington Post 9/03/11), The invisible worker (E.J. Dionne, Washington Post 9/05/11), and Labor Day blues (Robert Samuelson, Washington Post 9/05/11)… and SIGN OUR PETITION to tell the President and Congress that America needs a REAL jobs and economic growth plan.


“Labor is prior to and independent of capital. Capital is only the fruit of labor, and could never have existed if labor had not first existed. Labor is the superior of capital, and deserves much the higher consideration.” — Karl Marx? Sorry, it was Republican presidential icon Abe Lincoln


“So far this year, members of Congress have said the words “create jobs” 1,236 times. Almost once for every hour that Congress was in session, according to C-Span data. President Obama has said those same words at least 116 times. Almost every other day. What they haven’t done, at least so far, is agree on a way to create them. Instead, Republicans argued for less spending. Democrats argued for stimulating the economy. Congress agreed on almost nothing. And on Friday, that was what they got — almost nothing. New statistics showed zero net jobs created in August, which left the national unemployment rate at 9.1 percent.” – David Fahrenthold


“Let’s get it over with and rename the holiday “Capital Day.” We may still celebrate Labor Day, but our culture has given up on honoring workers as the real creators of wealth and their honest toil — the phrase itself seems antique — as worthy of genuine respect.” — E.J. Dionne


“Blessed are the job creators, for they shall inherit the earth.” – the original JC (paraphrased)


Hosanna, Hey Sanna Sanna Sanna Hosanna, Hey Sanna Hosanna,
Hey JC, JC won’t you smile at me?
Sanna Hosanna, hey Superstar — Hosanna from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar


For Republicans, there’s nothing greater

Than the sainted Job Creator.


He’s their Lord and Master (JC for short),

Their Bible the holy annual report.


He can do miracles, if we just believe,

And the Job Creator unregulated leave.


They worship Him and seek His blessing,

America’s sin of taxes confessing.


They make sacrifices at His altar,

Even when it the jobless rate doesn’t alter.


Labor laws should be repealed or not enforced,

And theAmericaworker outsourced.


He’s their Superstar; His will must be respected.

(He’s the one who pays to get them elected.)


He’s the one who their policy dictates,

Even when He no actual jobs creates.


But why do they think JC’s so much eliter

Than the actual job completer?


Why do they scorn the worker

And prefer the T-bill coupon clipping shirker?


Couldn’t Republicans be more forgiving

Of people who actually work for a living?


And why is it so many Fox viewers

Respect job “creators” more than job doers?


After all, they’re mostly workers too,

Just like me, and probably like you.


They clearly got the memoranda.

Could it be all the propaganda?


(I guess repetition of that platitude

Affected their attitude.)


It’s to the workers that we our hosannas should sing.

After all, they’re the ones that actually do something.


Here’s your theme music, Hosanna from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar.

Here’s the Daily Show’s hilarious yet all-to-correct report on Warren Buffet’s supposed socialist class warfare, including Jon’s commentary on the GOP/Fox News plan to tax all those lazy working class people. After all, they’re not job creators.


Finally and perhaps most importantly, click here to read my jobs proposal, and sign this petition to tell the President and Congress that America needs a real plan for jobs and economic growth (you can’t have one without the other).


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