Working Together?

April 11th, 2012

This Romney quote goes a little further than the one I discuss in Silence Speaks Volumes, but it still suggests to me that Santorum has pointedly not committed to campaign for Romney.


“We began the morning with a telephone conversation with Senator Santorum . We’re gonna work together to make sure that we take back the White House and the Senate, and we keep the House.” – Mitt Romney last night to the Chester County GOP in Mendenhall, PA


Romney is trying to convey the notion

That Santorum has pledged his complete devotion.


His earlier line didn’t do the trick,

So later last night Mitt laid it on a little more thick.


He said he and Rick will “work together” to win the Senate and keep House,

But also to put a Republican (Romney) in the White House.


Working together can mean two people cooperate on the same things,

Like trying to unite the GOP’s Romney and Santorum wings.


But working together can also mean working for separate goals separately,

I.e., Romney works to elect Romney, while Rick campaigns for others in the GOP.


So nice try Mitt, but it’s still unconvincing

Since Santorum still can’t say your name without wincing.


Here’s the clip and subsequent discussion of it this morning on the Daily Rundown.

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