Womb Raider (or: Your Body, Their Choice)

March 25th, 2011

In response to Dustin’s comment to my earlier piece Stopping for an Abortion on a Busy Evening.

Great poem! Thanks for the comment on my article as well. Maybe you can help me also… I see a lot of crazy pro life zealots calling pro choice people ‘abortionists’ as if we’re totally up for murdering babies for sport… I’m trying to come up with a new nickname for pro lifer’s that’s as much of a simple generalization as ‘abortionists’ is for people who support a woman’s right to choose – so far I’ve come up with womb regulators, irrationalists, fetus police, and american ayatollahs. if you think of anything clever let me know!” — Dustin

Thanks, Dustin, for commenting and expressing your view.

I completely agree with you.

“American ayatollahs” is accurate, but applies to a wide range of issues

It might be better to have something more specific to a woman’s right to choose.

The term “irrationalist” is also a little too all-purpose

To effectively serve your desired purpose.

Your monikers “womb regulators” and “fetus police” do much more

To get to the anti-choicer issue’s core.

They address how a party supposedly against any form of regulation

Could come up with such phenomenally intrusive Big Government legislation.

Given these actions, Republican claims to support individual freedom fall flat.

Government doesn’t get any bigger than that.

(Will they appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate pregnancies that don’t go to term,

Or maybe that should be Specula Prosecutor, since that governmental insertion’s natural result is to make women squirm.)

It’s also ironic Repubs think “rights” begin at conception and end at birth,

And don’t care about babies once they actually make it to earth.

So what’s a good nickname to express the anti-choice hypocrisy

That characterizes the anti-abortion rights theocracy?

How about anti-choicers, zygotists, or fetal rightists,

Pro-rapers, forced birthers, or anti-choice rightists.

How about No-Choicers or Their-Choicers, since the right passionately cares

About a woman’s right to chose, as long as her choice agrees with theirs?

Or here’s a term for anti-abortion crusaders,

My new favorite expression: womb raiders.

Thinking of all these new nicknames is fun,

But it’s really hard to chose just one.

That’s because the anti-choice movement has so many things wrong with it,

So it’s hard to pick one or two nicknames that belong with it.

But since many negative aspects of anti-choicers go hand in glove,

Why not just use all of the above?


Yes, I did think of the title and term on my own as a take-off on the well-known Angelina Jolie movie, but someone else has unfortunately thought it up first (check out that DVD in our Amazon store). Here’s Lara Croft in action the former. The background music is the song Terra Firma from the movie soundtrack, by Delerium (appropriately, considering the anti-choice movement’s mental state).

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