Woman Voters

March 10th, 2012

Inspired by GOP gains dwindling among women (Karen Tumulty,Washington Post3/10/12, page A1).


“It feels as if we are going back to another era.” — Sen. Olympia Snowe (R-Maine), who broke with her party leadership to oppose the Blunt amendment


Senator Snowe is perfect

(That is why I quote her)

At describing why the GOP’s losing

The female voter.


Women mostly voted Dem,

Until 2010.

Then there was no gap,

But now it’s back again.


In fact the gender divide

Is now wider than ever,

And if Repubs keep doing they’re doing,

It’ll be that way forever.


There’s now a massive

15 point gap

Which Republicans blame

On a White House trap.


That dodge is a clear indication

That Repubs know they’re blowing it.

And the women’s vote?

Forgoing it.


A party that really cared about women

Couldn’t be “tricked” into hurting them,

Nor do constant anti-woman comments help

When Republicans keep on blurting them.


Personally, I hope

That the GOP can change,

But given their recent history,

That would be very strange.


But it won’t be enough…

To say “jobs” again and again

Then start taking women’s rights away

Like in 2010.


For the GOP to really reform,

The far right must be decisively defeated.

Otherwise, the GOP’s bait-and-switch tactics

Will be endlessly repeated.


So GOP women (and moderate GOP men),

If you about your party really care,

Then vote Democrat in November,

And put your party on the road to repair.


Otherwise, the GOP

Will keep on lurching right.

And for women, andAmerica,

That just isn’t right.


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