September 24th, 2010

Inspired by U.S. judge orders lesbian Air Force nurse reinstated (Reuters 9/25/10 5:40 p.m.) and Immediate end to ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ opposed (Washington Post 9/24/10.

“The evidence produced at trial overwhelmingly supports the conclusion that the suspension and discharge of Margaret Witt did not significantly further the important government interest in advancing unit morale and cohesion. To the contrary, the actions taken against Major Witt had the opposite effect. The 446th AES is a highly professional, rapid response, air evacuation team. It is comprised of flight nurses and medical technicians who are well-trained, well-led and highly motivated. They provide a vital service to our fighting men and women around the world. Serving within that unit are known or suspected gay or lesbian service men and women. There is no evidence before this Court to suggest that their service within the unit causes problems of the type predicted in the Congressional findings of fact referenced above. These people train together, fly together, care for patients together, deploy together. There is nothing in the record before this Court suggesting that the sexual orientation (acknowledged or suspected) has negatively impacted the performance, dedication or enthusiasm of the 446th AES. There is no evidence that wounded troops care about the sexual orientation of the flight nurse or medical technician tending to their wounds. The evidence before the Court is that Major Margaret Witt was an exemplary officer. She was an effective leader, a caring mentor, a skilled clinician, and an integral member of an effective team. Her loss within the squadron resulted in a diminution of the unit’s ability to carry out its mission. Good flight nurses are hard to find.” — federal judge (and George Bush appointee) Ronald B. Leighton

A federal judge appointment by George W. Bush

Has given DADT repeal another big push.

Major Margaret Witt was an accomplished flight nurse.

In ruling for her, Judge Leighton did his own earlier ruling reverse.

Leighton had previously upheld Witt’s dismissal,

But the Appeals Court blew the whistle.

The instructed Leighton not to consider DADT’s overall justification,

But instead whether it was justified in Witt’s situation

Leighton found that in contrast to DADT’s stated rationale,

It was Witt’s dismissal that hurt unit morale.

He ruled that the military is better with Witt than without,

And that she should never have been kicked out.

He ordered that she be immediately reinstated.

(Witt was stoic at first, and then elated.)

That’s twice in two weeks that DADT has been overruled.

Constitution-loving Republicans should be in that document’s meaning better schooled.

In other DADT news, the Justice Department took action

That caused a negative LGBT reaction.

They asked the California case judge not to issue an injunction against DADT enforcement,

A move which understandably didn’t receive gay rights groups’ endorsement.

Disappointing, I know, but DOJ’s obligated to defend all challenged legislation.

(It’s only a pro forma defense, was Michael Gibbs’ explanation.)

But let’s wait and see how that case ends up

Before we give our Obama Administration friends up.

But one thing I believe is certain,

Though the method’s uncertain:

DADT will end, which will make our military stonger,

And the armed forces won’t have to be Witt-less much longer.

And Rachel: Great show tonight on Major Witt.

I hope you liked what I wrote about it.


Here’s Rachel’s breaking news report, including an interview with Major Witt.

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

And here’s your theme music, Witless by Carridale. The title is perfect, a number of the lyrics are appropriate (“break the rules… we both know how far this can go…”), and it’s a great song.

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