March 3rd, 2010

Inspired by Obama says home-retrofitting plan would save energy, create jobs (Washington Post 3/03/10).

When you’re protecting the environment a good place to begin

Is with measures that are win-win-win.

The triple win refers to the multiple benefit

That these proposed measures happily permit.

They simultaneously create jobs, save energy, and protect the environment,

So you wouldn’t expect any political dissent.

Amazingly, the GOP still resists

(“No” is the only word of which their vocabulary consists).

House Minority Whip Can’t-or

Repeats the same disinformation we’ve heard before.

He complains only 10 percent of stimulus funds has been spent to date,

Which reduces the number of jobs that projects create.

Of course, much of that is due to the GOP’s delays

(Their hypocrisy never ceases to amaze).

Stimulus measures don’t take effect the very same day

(If you just turned on the heat, don’t expect the water to boil right away).

But aren’t such obvious wins too good to be true?

Normally, I’d think that too.

Usually, win-win measures are more than good enough,

But finding triple-win measures is really tough.

Usually, such low hanging fruit is already harvested

And picking the rest requires that more be invested.

But Obama has the blessing (and curse) of being the possessor

Of an unbelievably incompetent predecessor.

The Bush Administration’s policies were so bad

That there’s now more low-hanging fruit to be had.

So when you see low-hanging fruit, by all means pick it.

For the economy and environment, these measures are just the ticket.


Here’s the AP/Post video report.

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