William Safire

October 7th, 2009

As reported in  “Rapier-Witted Conservative Columnist Safire Dies” (Washington Post 9/28/09) and  “William Safire, speechwriter, NY columnist, dies” (Washington Post 9/27/09),  William Safire died on 9/27/09 in Rockville, MD (a DC suburb). He was a Pulitzer Prize-winning author, and a conservative (he was a speechwriter in the Nixon White House). One of his last columns was “Bending the Curve” (New York Times 9/11/09). See more articles by and about him here, and check out his many books at Amazon.


William Safire died last week.

He wrote the column “On Language”.

In which he coined many a bon mot

And poor usage did disparage.


On English usage he was rabbinical

Of liberals he was often critical.

Though sometimes his charges were based on supposition,

He expressed them with flair and erudition.


While I didn’t always agree with his opinion

(After all, he did work for Nixon),

I read his column for many a year.

In turning a phrase he had no peer.


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