Why Billy Can’t Add

February 1st, 2010

Bill O’Reilly was railing against trying KSM in New York,

But only proved himself an uneducated dork.

It will cost up to $200 million per year for 3-4 years.

That’s almost a trillion dollars, O’Reilly fears.

The correct sum is $700 million,

So O’Reilly was only off by $999.3 billion.

That’s only wrong by a Factor of 1400,

So it seems that O’Reilly really blundered.

It’s not the first time Billo has shown his skill at mathematics,

But his statements are accepted as fact by right-wing fanatics.

Like Johnny, it appears Billy can’t add.

And this is the guy millions listen too? (Too bad.)


Here’s Keith Olbermann’s 2/01/10 report with a video clip of O’Reilly’s mathematical genius.

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Here are several earlier O’Reilly attempts at math. Billo explains that the life expectancy is higher in Canada because we have ten times as many people, ten times as many accidents, etc. But life expectancy is an average, so the number of people makes no difference. In the second clip, he makes a similar mistake (this time about the Netherlands, who apparently have a totally different way of doing statistics, according to the professor). What’s particularly funny about this clip is that O’Reilly thinks he’s being so smart lecturing the “girls” about the proper use of statistics.

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