Whose Fault Default?

July 15th, 2011

My humble advice to the GOP Tea Party caucus… 


“I think that’s probably an arrogant attitude to take, that I know more than they do.” — Rep. Rick Crawford (R-Ark) explaining why he doesn’t tell his pro-default constituents what would happen if the debt ceiling isn’t increased


It’s true some of your supporters don’t want the debt ceiling raised

(You can’t help it that most of them are ignorant or crazed).


But if you do what they want, it will come back to bite you—

When things go bad, those same supporters will indict you.


Yes, the Teabagger masses are very insistent,

But they’re not known for being consistent.


They can insist on an action and later deplore it.

They can demand you do something, then blame you for it.


Even if you do what they tell you to,

The one they blame will still be you.


And your “supporters” will blame you for doing what they wanted,

All because you your leadership role punted.


It’s not “arrogant” to explain, or decide on your own what to do–

You’re supposed to know more than your constituents do.


So if we default,

It will be your fault.


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