White Camaro

September 24th, 2010

A follow-up to my earlier pieces along these lines, inspired by the white Camaro speeding down the street in front of my house this morning, beeping at the car in front of him for not going fast enough.

Mr. White Camaro, you are a jerk. 

Were you in that much of a hurry to get to work?

Wasn’t the woman in front of you going fast enough?

(Life in the big city sure can be rough.)

I’d guess the object of your ire was going about twenty–

That extra ten miles must have pissed you off plenty.

Even so, you could have just given her a quick beep,

But instead you leaned on the horn for ten seconds, you creep.

As you drove by, I could see you mouthing insults.

Can’t you behave like the rest of us adults?

I guess you’re just so much more important than everyone else in the world,

And that alone justified the profanities you hurled.

Cities and traffic only work if people are tolerant and at least marginally polite–

As opposed to you, White Camaro, filled with impatience and spite.

Society doesn’t work when patience and politeness take a backseat.

Next time, White Camaro, please stay off of my street.

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