Where there’s a Will, There’s No Way

October 7th, 2009

In “Cooling Down the Cassandras” (Washington Post 10/01/09), George Will comments about the difficulty of reducing greenhouse gas emissions enough to avoid damage from climate change:  “That will not happen. So, we are doomed. So, why try?” This, coupled with the history of his rejection of climate change science (see Washington Post 3/21/09, “Climate Change Myths and Facts” for a discussion of the latter) perfectly encapsulate the Republican strategy on climate change: deny that it exists because there’s no absolute proof and obstruct any action on it, until you can finally claim that it’s now too late to do anything about it, so we might as well not bother. Click on the “Climate change” tag below for more posts.


We are doomed so why try,

Said Mr. Will.

I used to support climate change action,

But now I don’t think I will.


I used to want an international treaty,

But now I guess I don’t.

Then again, success isn’t guaranteed if you try

But failure is if you don’t.


Republicans criticize liberals

Saying they always whine.

So I guess that I’m surprised

To hear Mr. Will to failure resign.


For many years we were the world’s biggest emitter–

Let’s not be the world’s biggest quitter.

We shouldn’t give up.

Let’s to our responsibilities live up.


Dems have accomplished more on climate in 8 months

Than Republicans did in 8 years.

Is it this success

That Mr. Will really fears?


So what do you say, George?

Is success so near that you fear it?

Why are you so pessimistic?

Where’s your can-do American spirit?


It’s true that some warming’s locked in,

Years of inaction is hard to abate.

But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t begin,

Because even 6 degrees is better than 8.


Yes, it’s true, we might not be able to halt warming.

But then again, we might.

As a reader pointed out in his letter

Cassandra was always right.


(PS: I hate to quibble,

But I think you meant Chicken Little.)


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