What’s Up With the Weather?

August 19th, 2010

Inspired by What’s up with the weather? Floods, record heat, blizzards rock region (DC Examiner 8/19/10).

What is up with the weather, The Examiner asks,

And in not answering that question in ignorance basks.

They don’t mention the possibility of climate change,

Which to me seems just a little strange.

Climate models predict more extreme weather,

Which with global warming comes together.

What’s up with the weather, you query?

You should watch the PBS/NOVA documentary.

It asks the very same question,

And shows climate change is taking place without question.

Your article shows all the evidence, all the signs,

But to offer an explanation declines.

Did the Examiner delete that paragraph

Because it doesn’t accord with the views of the editorial staff?

We’ll get more heat waves, wind storms, blizzards, and torrential rain

Unless we from increased fossil fuel use refrain.

Though deniers remain hopelessly out of touch,

Experts agree warming’s not a question of if, but how much.

Yes, there’s a lot we still don’t know–

We can only paint a parital tableaux.

Climate models are extremely complex,

A drawback when confronting the Limbaughs and Becks.

But for those who don’t like science,

The case can also made by gut reliance:

You know that weather has departed from it’s historical norm

When every few years you get a hundred-year storm.

All this is disucssed in the NOVA video

(Check it out here, or just watch it below).

And though that documentary and your article share a name,

They are in no other way the same.

But then again, I’m used to the Examiner’s bias,

Which artfully mixes one-sided with pious.

So as I’ve said before, take the mirror off your shelf,

And Examiner editors, examine yourself.


Here’s a preview of the PBS/NOVA documentary, Global Warming: What’s Up With the Weather. Watch this, all you Examiners (also check out Al Gore’s Academy Award winning documentary and accompanying book). And yes, that is Leonard Nimoy narrating.


Here’s your theme music for today, How’s the Weather.

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