What’s He Hiding?

July 13th, 2012

Inspired by Romney faces new round of calls to release tax returns (Philip Rucker7/13/12 A6).


“I think it’s pretty obvious there is something in the records that is problematic or the Romney campaign would have turned them over by now.” — GOP strategist Mark McKinnon


What’s Mitt hiding by not releasing his tax returns?

It can’t be just how much money he earns.


Everyone already knows he’s unbelievably wealthy,

So what he’s hiding must very politically unhealthy.


It must be worse than offshore shore accounts,

Or in even higher hidden amounts.


It must be worse than closing factories

And shipping American jobs overseas.


It must be worse than paying lower tax rates than the middle class,

And supporting the VietnamWar but giving military service a pass.


It must be worse than everything about him we already know.

What is it that Mitt doesn’t want us to know?


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