What She is Today

January 24th, 2012

Inspired by Gabby Giffords’ appearance at the State of the Union message.


Gabby Giffords has been justifiably lauded

And tonight she was warmly applauded.


But what she experienced should never reoccur,

So here’s what I’d say if I were her.


Thank you, GOP, Fox News, and the NRA.

You made me what I am today.


You all contributed to what happened then.

Please don’t let it happen again.


Here’s Gabby Giffords’ well-deserved applause tonight, and hug from President Obama. It’s nice that Republicans applauded her so warmly at the SOTU. It so makes up for the fact she owes her near-death to their hate-filled invective and opposition to gun control of any kind, including the extended magazine that Jared Loughner used.

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