What rhymes with Glenn Beck?

September 19th, 2009

Inspired by Nancy Pelosi’s statement in “Pelosi Says Anti Obama Rhetoric Sounds Familiar” (9/18/09 Washington Post). And sign the petition below to protest corporate sponsorship of Glenn Beck’s hateful views.


Fox “commentator” Glenn Beck,

All Obama’s actions you henpeck.

But you gave Bush a blank check

For eight years the country to wreck.


Glenn Beck,

Are you feeling your oats?

“I forced two people to resign,” he gloats.


Glenn Beck,

Are you the Right’s new Messiah,

Or just another pariah?


Glenn Beck,

You admitted you “used to be” a dirtbag and a liar.

Congrats; you’ve now taken those art forms even higher.


Glenn Beck,

You don’t realize you’re on the fringe for a reason

And calling for the government’s overthrow is treason.


Glenn Beck,

You peddle baseless dreck

To appeal to the extremist redneck.


Glenn Beck,

You’re the one that should be blamed

When right wing nutjobs are inflamed.


Glenn Beck,

You’re delighted

When the mob’s incited.


Glenn Beck,

You think it’s great

To fill people with hate.


Glenn Beck,

I know you think you’re on a roll

Worshipped by the mob you control

You make them do as you cajole

But America’s not your glory hole.


Glenn Beck,

As Nancy Pelosi declared

(And while so doing sounded scared):

When opinion leaders make a claim

That others is likely to inflame,

Sometimes the “ears that it is falling on

[Your audience, she meant]

Are not as balanced as the person

Making the statement.”


But at least with you

We know that’s not true.

or, Start a Petition

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