What Happens in DC…

February 26th, 2010

Inspired by yet another cheating Republican governor.

When you have an affair and lie to cover it up,

Make sure there’s not a news crew there to get a close up.

And try to avoid having your and your girlfriend’s picture taken

With yet another governor who his marriage vows has forsaken.

That’s what happened to Gov. Jim Gibbons,

Which will surely give rise to to a series of Vegas-related puns.

He went to the governors’ convention in DC

And took along his girlfriend Kathy.

When they flew back he had her try to sneak out of the airport

But a TV news crew was there, his efforts to thwart.

Gibbons lied and told them he was traveling alone

And had gone to the conference in DC on his own.

A few minutes later the crew tracked down Kathy (she didn’t get far)

Then caught the two of them together getting into the Governor’s car.

And this is the guy who wants Nevadans to trust his decisions

And the party that wants to protect marriage traditions?


Here’s Countdown’s 2/26/10 report (with Lawrence O’Donnell filling in for Olbermann).

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