Welcome Home

August 20th, 2010

You were gone for a while; It’s good to have you back.

Things will be different now that we’re both on the right track.

It’s a big day, and not just because you’ve returned,

But also because of the six months anniversary you’ve earned.

You’ve changed, and a lot of other things have changed too.

Things can be better between me and you.

Not perfect, but improved,

Now that a big impediment’s been removed.

One thing that hasn’t changed, and never will:

I loved you before, and I love you still.

I love you as much as I did on that very first day,

And that will never change in any way.

I’m proud of you for what you’ve done—

I know it hasn’t been easy, or fun.

And though at first things might seem strange,

I’m going to try hard to change.

It won’t happen right away, I understand,

And not everything always works out as planned,

But I have faith that we can do it

(Others have also successfully gone through it).

I hope that we can remember the good as well as the bad,

And the happy times instead of just the sad.

There were a lot of them too;

They mean a lot to me, and hopefully will again to you.

So when we meet again, let’s share a hug,

And then maybe go back and reread The Mug.


Here’s your theme music, meant mostly as a reminder to myself, Hold On Loosely by 38 Special.


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