We Are All African-American Homos

October 5th, 2009

Inspired by “‘Ardi’ May Rewrite the Story of Humans” (Washington Post 10/02/09), “Before Lucy came Ardi, new earliest hominid found” (10/01/09), and the video below (from the liberal WSJ.com). Read the article series from Science here or listen to the podcast.


Scientists recently discovered

A new member of our family tree.

She’s an Ardipithecus ramidus,

So they gave her the name “Ardi.”


She lived 4.4 million years ago

In the Ethiopian woodlands.

She had a hairy body

And really long-fingered hands.


She doesn’t count as human,

She was from a totally different genus.

Hers preceded  Lucy (Australopithecus)

Which came between us.


She’s not quite the missing link,

But she’s pretty close, scientists think.

Between genome research and fossil distribution,

That proves the “Out of Africa” theory of human evolution.


The Homos arrived about 2.2 million years ago.

Habilis, Erectus, and Neathderthalensis, to name a few.

And finally Homo sapiens

(In other words, me and you).


Homo sapiens are the newbies,

Here just 200 thousand years.

But if we’re not careful,

It won’t be long before our species disappears.


Race, religion, gay or straight,

Can we survive with all this hate?

In the scheme of things, the differences are small.

We’re all Homos, after all.


Not to mention all the crap

We pump into the air.

You’d think that our survival

Is something about which we don’t care.


We can’t really destroy the environment,

But it and humanity are interlinked.

The environment will eventually recover

After we’re extinct.


With action on climate and some tolerance

There’s a chance to save us all.

Too bad so many among us

Are so Neanderthal.


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