Washington Is Working (…for Them)

January 25th, 2012

Inspired by Elizabeth Warren’s appearance last night on The Daily Show: Washington does work — for the people who can afford to hire lobbyists to get what they want. Ironically, they (and their political lackeys) are the ones complaining the most. Contrary to the old saying, it’s not the squeaky wheel that’s getting the grease, it’s the most well-oiled one.


“The people who are sucking up the real resources are the people who can hire lobbyists, and unfortunately America’s middle class doesn’t have lobbyists in there fighting for them.” – Elizabeth Warren


Republicans like to complain how muchWashingtonis broken,

But it turns out their complaints are just a diversionary token.


For the GOP’s supporters, Washington works great–

They always get the policies they pay to create.


If you had all that power, you too would think it strange

That someone would attempt, the system to change.


And you’d do everything you could to keep that from taking place

So you could continue to control (and complain about) what happens in this place.


Here’s Elizabeth Warren making this point much more forcefully last night on the Daily Show (the quote is at the 2”50 mark of part 2, but she says a lot of other great stuff too, so it’s worth watching the whole thing).

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