Walk Left, Stand Right

August 28th, 2010

When Teabagger tourists come to DC,

They’re easy to pick out, at least for me.

They don’t know the most important rule

Not following which makes you look like a fool.

I will now for all reveal it

(Hopefully they won’t now start campaigning to repeal it).

As all residents learn, sooner or later,

When you’re on the Metro escalator,

Always stand on the right and walk on the left,

Unless of course you’re of any civility bereft.

(Of course, that may apply to many of the ‘bagger persuasion

Coming to DC for the upcoming invasion.)

I know, it’s hard to remember,

Particularly when your mind is stuffed with so much information from your leading member.

So here’s a mnemonic device

Which you can easily recall if you repeat it once or twice.

As with politics, those on the left of the escalator want to move ahead,

While those on the right prefer to stand still instead.

And for all those members of the Teabagger herd

Who just want to go backward–

You shouldn’t be on the escalator at all even,

So just go back down into the Metro and think about leavin’.

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