Waive Wave (or, One Year Anniversary of George Bush Not Being President)

January 21st, 2010

In commemoration of the one year anniversary of George Bush not being president, here’s a retrospective of his administration.

     Wave the flag.

Waive the recount.

Waive Congressional rules.

Waive separation of powers.

     Waive civil liberties.

Waive oversight.

Waive the Geneva Convention.

Wave of revulsion.

      Waive qualifications.

Wave of water.

Wave of destruction.

Wave of criticism.

     Waive Pay-go.

Waive budget rules.

Waive regulations.

Wave of corruption.

      Wave of layoffs.

Wave of foreclosures.

Wave of anger.

Wave good-bye.


PS: Here’s Jon Stewart 2/01/10 report on the happy event, with some Tony Blair thrown in for good measure (added later).

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