September 17th, 2010

Today was the first day of the GOP “Values Voter Summit.”


The self-titled “Values Voters” are back,

Renewing their unending righteous attack.


Sister Sarah didn’t attend, but was there in spirit,

And has hinted she’ll run in 2012, in case you didn’t hear it.

She had a long list of conditions, so who can say,

But I hope she keeps teasing us like this anyway.


In Sarah’s absence, her latest clone made an appearance

And spoke with remarkable incoherence.

Christine, you’re called wing nuts for a reason.

Are you suggesting “anti-American” Obama is guilty of treason?


Is lying an example of Republican values, Michele?

If so, then you’re doing well.

You said Speaker Pelosi has a $100K bar tab paid by taxes,

Which is only true if one the standard for truth relaxes.


Mitt Romney made with the jokes

To prove that he’s just “plain folks.”

Your quip about Arizona being a rogue state

Was a subtle shout-out to anti-immigrant hate.


Senator Inhofe

Who likes about climate change to scoff.

It’s natural that you don’t like DADT,

Since you’re such a big fan of fantasy.


And Senator DeMint:

There might be some real “values” spokesmen out there, but




Here’s Countdown’s 9/17/10 “Summit of All Fears” report on the conference’s first day.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here’s Christine O’Donnell’s introduction and full speech.

Here, for those who can stomache all the values, are Michele Bachmann and Mitt Romney (sorry, couldn’t find video clips for Jim Inhofe and Jim DeMint, but you can click here to watch the whole darn thing on C-SPAN if you’re really a glutton for punishment). Interesting side note: check out all the empty seats.

Here’s your theme music (with a special shout out to you, Christine), Don’t Stop Believing by Journey.

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