Valentine’s Day

February 14th, 2010

     It’s Valentine’s Day

Which means it’s time to say

I love you

To those you do

(And hopefully they’ll say the same to you).

     I remember when I was ten–

Not getting any cards was my greatest fear then.

As a way around that dangerous impasse

The teacher had us send cards to everyone in the class.

     Similarly, our political system declares

Both parties have a role in public affairs.

You can’t only work with those you prefer,

Or only talk to those with whom you concur.

     Recent cooperation on the jobs bill is a good sign,

But what about Obama’s healthcare reform valentine?

Your response to that wasn’t very nice

(A simple “thanks, we’ll be there” would suffice).

     So today of all days, even if pretending we like each other is hard,

Give it a try, and send the damn card.

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