Unreal Repeal

February 2nd, 2011

A follow-up to Boehnercare, inspired by the Senate vote for 5:00 or 6:00 this evening on the Republican healthcare repeal bill.

“I mean, if we had the votes to do it, we would obviously repeal it and replace it with more modest, targeted reforms that would actually bring the cost of health care down… It’s not a waste of time. We promised the American people we would try to repeal this job-crushing Washington takeover of our health care, and we’re keeping that commitment. The House has voted to repeal it, and we’ll have that vote in the Senate today.” – Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell on Fox News

Repeal won’t pass the Senate, and even if it did

Obama’s veto pen would its enactment forbid.

Still, Republicans on repealing healthcare reform keep on insisting

(To bad for the 129 million Americans with conditions preexisting).

Not to mention that they still don’t have anything to replace it,

And an increasing number of Americans have started to embrace it.

It’s a symbolic vote, but an important one, as symbols go.

So please CALL NOW and tell your Senators to vote no.


In a similar vein, read this hilarious article: Republicans Vote To Repeal Obama-Backed Bill That Would Destroy Asteroid Headed For Earth (The Onion 2/02/11), and call 877-667-6650 to tell your Senators to vote NO on repealing the health care law.  

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