Unity (or: No Charm for Charm City)

January 13th, 2011

Inspired by House Republicans heading to Baltimore for retreat to build unity (Washington Post 1/13/11), House Republicans Staging Annual Retreat: This Time, It’s Members Only (Politics Daily 1/13/11), and New Majority Ready to Serve as Outpost in Dem-Dominated Washington for People’s Priorities (John Boehner press release 12/17/10).

“To return our country to prosperity and restore the American Dream for our children, we need a smaller, more accountable government that honors our Constitution and respects the will of the people. This must be the focus of the new majority.  The people’s priorities must be our priorities.” – John Boehner letter to House Republican majority

“The will of the people is neither unanimous nor in any real majority so to say one party represents the will of the people is the height of arrogance. I truly hope and pray that this congress will be about the country and the people because, all the rhetoric certainly doesn’t reflect that… A significant portion of this country does want social programs, including healthcare reform so offering up repeal legislation that hasn’t a chance of passing is just wasting the time of the people and wasting time which could otherwise be spent actually getting extremely pressing work done. Get off your high horse and join the ranks of the people. We don’t speak with one voice.” – comment 1/04/11 on John Boehner’s website

I’m surprised House Repubs

Are going to Baltimore.

After the political beating

They suffered there before.

For this year’s retreat,

They didn’t invite Obama.

I guess they didn’t want

All the political drama.

They’re also making sure

Meeting doors stay closed.

So that their extremist views

Aren’t publicly exposed.

(Funny that they claim to represent

The American public,

But aren’t willing to discuss

Their views and plans in public.)

House Republicans are

So out of touch.

They say they want to build unity.

I say they’ve got too much.

They claim the mantle

Of public opinion,

But they don’t reflect it,

And that’s not just my opinion.

On repealing DADT,

75% of Americans and 64% of Republicans agreed,

But Repubs opposed it anyway,

Except for a handful who didn’t join the stampede.

Majorities of both Republicans and Dems

Support most key aspects of healthcare reform,

In spite of GOP efforts,

The public to misinform.

On extending tax cuts for the rich,

67% of Americans and 50% of Republicans opposed,

But the GOP leadership

Still made sure the minority view was imposed.

So no, Speaker Boehner, you don’t represent the people–

Not even the Republicans in our midst.

When you get the urge to trumpet your popular mandate,


American public opinion

Is fragmented and diverse.

Republicans, in contrast,

Are the reverse.

Either admit that or allow disunity–

You can’t have it both ways.

Especially on issues

Like taxes, healthcare, and gays.

Those are just three examples,

But I could come up with more.

Maybe that’s something you could discuss

In Baltimore.

The problem with you goal

For me as a Dem

Is that if you gets the unity you want,

I’m one of the “them.”

You want Republicans

To be united in opposition,

Punishing the slightest deviation

From the party position.

I wish the GOP would go back

To the motto “Country First” –

Because real party unity

Shouldn’t have to be coerced.

Real unity doesn’t mean

Diversity to smother,

Or to artificially create it

By inciting fear of “The Other.”

We can be united in spirit,

Even when we have different opinions.

Now there’s something to talk about in Baltimore

With your GOP minions.


Here’s Hardball’s 1/05/11 panel discussion on how good the Republicans are at listening to the people.


Visit msnbc.com for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Read Country First, Snoverkill, Lesson Learned, True Colors, and My Worst Video for other takes on the GOP motto.

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