Under Attack?

March 18th, 2012

 Inspired by Komen, Catholic church have long had complicated relationship (Washington Post 3/18/12, page A11) and the birth control conscience-protection furor. 


The Catholic Church feels it’s under attack

And is compelled to “finally” fight back.


They couldn’t do that on the priest child abuse case,

And had to wait until they more favorable conditions could embrace.


It’s like when your spouse is forced to admit to being wrong

And compensates the next time you argue by coming back doubly strong.


Or the sports team that suffers a humiliating self-inflicted loss,

And then goes all out to win the next game, whatever the cost.


People, animals, and organizations react most strongly when we feel under threat,

By which the Catholic Church understandably feels itself beset.


But you, Bishop Dolan, are moving in exactly the wrong direction,

Not just forAmerica, but for the Catholic Church’s own introspection.


Please reconsider, Bishop Dolan, and remember the servant’s heart

That’s supposed to set Christians apart.



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