Two Teddy’s

November 5th, 2009

Inspired by “As Panel Votes Today, Democrats Look Ahead” (Washington Post 10/13/09), “Pelosi unveils healthcare bill; House moves toward floor vote” (The Hill 10/29/09), “Health care bill ready for full House” ( 11/04/09), and “Health Reform Gets Boost Before Close Vote” ( 11/05/09 5:45 pm). The House’s first full vote on healthcare reform is scheduled for SATURDAY. It’s expected to be close, so here are two actions you can take right now and/or tomorrow to help it get through: (1) click on the “Make a House Call” icon below to contact your representative and express your support for healthcare reform (especially important if your representative is a fence-sitter), and (2) sign the petition below.


Long ago in 1912

If we into ancient history delve

Teddy Roosevelt proposed healthcare for all.

He was a Republican as you may recall.


It didn’t work out then (too much opposition).

The conflicting parties couldn’t reach a decision.

House Republicans said it was socialism

And noone could bridge the resulting schism.


No here we are almost 100 years past,

Much richer than then, by contrast.

We’re the only advanced country without universal healthcare.

We spend more to be less healthy, if we compare.


Enter Ted Kennedy, who made it his life mission

To fight for universal healthcare’s addition.

He worked tirelessly for many a year,

But died before he could add it to his stellar career.


We’ve got this one chance, and take it we should.

Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

It’s finally time now, don’t you see?

Two great leaders, one legacy.



Make a House Call to support healtcare reform

or, Create a Petition
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