Two Economies

June 14th, 2012

Inspired by the President’s and Romney’s dueling economic policy speeches in Ohio today. Of course, if you wanted to learn anything about Romney’s economic policy, you had to watch the President’s speech: he gave much more detail than Romney did on both of their policies.


“There’s one place in which I stand in complete agreement with my opponent: This election is about our economic future.” — President Obama in Ohio today, shortly after Mitt Romney laid out his economic platform a few miles away


Mitt Romney spoke today in Cincy.

His theme: Government must by chintzy.


He was scheduled to speak later but

Moved his speech up so he could pre-but.


(That way he didn’t have to respond to what the President said

And could focus on opposing a straw-man instead.)


Mitt’s message: jobs will be created if we just keep cutting taxes

And the government regulation further relaxes.


Be patient (and lucky) and some wealth might onto you trickle–

Cut Mitt’s taxes a few million, and he might give you a nickel.


Sure, Mitt loves Job Creators, but he loves jobs too.

If we do what Job Creators want, maybe they’ll create a few.


But if we don’t do what Mitt says, America will fall,

And soon we won’t have any freedoms at all.


President Obama spoke in Cleveland shortly thereafter,

His jokes about the GOP met with appreciative laughter.


Obama spoke of fairness and equal opportunity

And the importance not just of individuals, but also community.


He spoke of the much higher unemployment in the EU

Because they’ve adopted the austerity policies Republicans want to do.


He spoke of Mitt’s plans to cut taxes for the upper classes,

And raise them and cut programs for the unfortunate masses.


He spoke of the need to race not to the bottom, but to the top,

And make the GOP attack on the middle class finally stop.


He spoke of the tax cuts he’s passed for middle-class families and even corporations,

And how he’s signed off on far fewer regulations.


He spoke glowingly of Republican presidents past,

All much more impressive than the last.


He spoke of the vision that we’re all in it together,

And that’s the only way we the current crisis will weather.


He spoke of the need to invest for the future,

In education, energy, R&D, and our infrastructure.


He spoke of a responsible and balanced approach to address the national debt

(Mitt hasn’t proposed anything that actually does that yet).


He spoke of the growing income divide that’s getting harder and harder to cross

And of the middle class’s decline and financial loss.


He spoke of the electoral scare tactics Republicans are using

And obstructionist political tricks they’re abusing.


He spoke of fair shots, fair shares, and playing by the same rules,

And giving government the necessary problem-solving tools.


He spoke of America’s hope and fierce determination

To restore the greatness of our Nation.


Which vision for our future do you see?

Forward with Obama, or backwards with the GOP?


For me, the choice is clear:

I still chose hope instead of fear.


Here are the dueling Ohio speeches.

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Here’s Martin Bashir’s fact-check of Romney’s speech. Guess what? The facts don’t check.

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