Turnabout (or, Payback is a Mitch)

December 5th, 2010

The extra $700 billion tax break that Republicans want to give the wealthiest 2% of Americans (not to mention the trillions of dollars thereafter to make those tax breaks permanent) is enough to fund the $56 billion for unemployment extension more than a dozen times over.

”They’ve been getting $310 per week for the last two years. Why should they keep getting all that money for doing nothing?” – The super-rich and their Republican lackeys

”They’ve been getting hundreds of billions in tax breaks for the last ten years. Why should they keep getting all that money for doing nothing?” – The rest of the country

Giving extra tax cuts to the super-rich is fiscally unwise,

So here’s my proposal for compromise.

I personally think it would be justifiable (and pretty funny)

To give the unemployed the wealthy’s tax cut money.

I think they’d be of that money much more deserving

Than those whose extra tax cuts Republicans are bent on preserving.

The rich can get the $310 per week unemployment compensation

That they begrudge the millions of jobless throughout the nation.

American workers didn’t cause the recession, so why should they pay?

A lot of those Wall Street fat cats did, so isn’t turnabout fair play?


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2 Responses to “Turnabout (or, Payback is a Mitch)”

  1. World Spinner Says:

    Newsericks » Blog Archive » Turnabout (or, Payback is a Mitch)…

    Here at World Spinner we are debating the same thing……

  2. Ivica Says:

    Rick,Some of your finest deircsptive prose yet, thank you. Concise and nearly perfect when you conclude by saying –Today, if most people identify with anyone at all outside their family or business, it’s with their ethnic group. The nation-state has broken down into a culture of competing tribes, tenuously held together by a consumerist ethos.So it’s not surprising that the new ecclesia, the top political and corporate leaders, think it’s time that the tribal, commercial society shed its old skin of nationhood. All ideals outside the self are irrelevant to Economic Man; all individuality outside race and ethnicity is irrelevant to the rationalist and the government vote hog. Both these groups of visionaries (for that is how they see themselves) know the way forward. And that a little “evolution by stealth” might be needed to speed things along.

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