Truth or Consequences

March 16th, 2010

Inspired by last night’s Daily Show “Crumbums & Fatcats” report (watch it below), covering the range of topics from the Massa scandal to reconciliation.

John Boehner says there should be a consequence

And wants to truth about what Dems knew when and whence.

Of course, his views are different than before

When Republicans wanted people to know less, not more.

And does anyone else think it’s strange

That Boehner is orange?

Yes, Dems are sometimes guilty of hypocrisy too

(When the tables are turned, it changes the view).

But I had to say, I liked Mick Foley’s reconciliation beatdown,

Because this time, it’s not the Dems being pushed around.


Here’s Jon Stewart’s 3/15/10 report.

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