True American Hatriots

April 7th, 2011

A follow-up to Hate This and I’ll Love You, inspired by the Tea Party wing of the Republican Party and the movie Head of State (it was on TV a few nights back).


“God bless America, and no place else.” – Vice President Brian Lewis
“Hatriot: A self-declared patriot who perceives and acknowledges love for country only in terms of hating and attacking others.” – New Newsericks Dictionary




There’s no good term for what Republicans do

When they set out to prove they’re patriots, not you.


So I came up with a new word to describe

The philosophy behind this all-to-common GOP jibe.


The term I suggest is “hatriotism,”

The growing right-wing version of patriotism.


Hatriots’ love of country is defined only by hate–

People and things from other countries make them irate.


We’re surrounded by enemies who our Way of Life assail,

And America can’t succeed unless other countries fail.


America isn’t right unless other countries are wrong,

And others must be weak for America to be strong.


America must be number 1, in every way,

And only traitors ever anything critical of America say.


Love of country? That’s over-rated.

For right-wing “patriots,” others must be hated.


Here’s Vice President Lewis in the movie Head of State (he’s Chris Rock’s presidential opponent). Lewis reiterates his hatriotic catch phrase at the beginning of the clip, and Chris Rock calls him out, just as President Obama has called out the GOP’s hatriotism (albeit in much more measured tones).

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