Total Recall

March 10th, 2011

Inspired by Wisconsin GOP Rams Through Union-Busting Measure; Thousands Storm Capitol (AlterNet 3/09/11), Goon-Squad Politics: How the Wisc. GOP Trampled Democracy to Appease Their Wealthy Backers (AlterNet 3/09/11), and Wis. vote voids bargaining rights (Washington Post 3/10/11).

“We now put our total focus on recalling the eligible Republicans who voted for this bill. And we also begin counting the days remaining before Scott Walker is himself eligible for recall.” – Wisconsin Democratic Party chairman Mike Tate


Last night, Scott Walker and his GOP goons got their way.

I only hope they at the ballot box pay.

But why wait until the next regular election?

Quick action is needed to stem this anti-democratic infection.

There’s only one way to solve this, you know–

Scott and his whole troop of GOP goons must go.

This kind of thuggery and deception might work on their planet,

But when it doesn’t work in Wisconsin they’ll be sorry they began it.


Here’s the trailer from the movie from which this post takes its name. In that Total Recall, unlikely hero Douglas Quaid isn’t sure whether he’s living in a real world beset by deception and betrayal, or in the elaborate dream he concocted. Yes, I know: earily similar to the Wisconsin situation, with a few key differences: (1) We know that Walker’s living in his own dream (make that nightmare) world, (2) in Wisconsin, the deception and betrayal are clearly a reality, and (3) Though Arnold later went on to become another Republican governor and had his own union problems, the “Governator” was never nearly as extreme as Walker.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee is leading an effort to recall Walker and his GOP goons (watch their new commercial below). Click here to support their work, and SIGN THIS PETITION to recall Scott Walker, and if you live in Wisconsin, click here to volunteer for the petition drive to recall the Republican Eight.

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