Tort reform

October 14th, 2009

Inspired by “Tort Reform Could Save $54 Billion, CBO Says” (Washington Post 10/10/09), “Burden of Proof on Obama’s Origins“ (Washington Post 10/06/09), and “Orly Taitz Slapped with $20,000 Sanction” (Huffington Post 10/13/09) about Lawyer-Dentist-Realtor Birther Queen Orly Taitz. Watch the video below from Fox about tort reform and “frivolous lawsuits.”


The CBO reported that tort reform

Would reduce healthcare costs by half a percent.

Not a game changer,

But it does reduce funds overspent.


Over ten years that would save $54 bills,

Which buys quite a few prescription pills.

So like I said before,

Tort reform is something I’m for.


How about stricter penalties for abusive lawsuits?

Normally Republicans think that’s smart.

But with Birther Queen lawyer Orly Taitz,

It seems they had a change of heart.


Taitz has been filing lawsuits

Saying Obama wasn’t born in the US.

So soldiers aren’t required

To obey at his behest.


She filed lawsuit after lawsuit,

And each one got the boot.

She was finally hit with a fine

For wasting the court’s time.


Her conduct was “frivolous and sanctionable”

and “demonstrates bad faith.”

Her behavior “borders on delusional”

Said the Georgia judge (to her face).


Even her client (a soldier who didn’t want to deploy)

Finally got sick of Taitz’s ploy.

She fired Taitz

And is filing a complaint.


Funny how the folks at Fox

Who rant about lawyers’ frivolous suits

Are silent about Taitz.

Is it because they’re in cahoots?

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