Too Cool, or Too Black?

April 27th, 2012

Inspired by Karl Rove’s new anti-Obama ad.


Have you seen the latest Crossroads attack?

It portrays Obama as too cool (i.e. too black).


Black music, drinking, dancing with a white woman, and a reverse-Oreo embrace

Crossroads even seems to have darkened the President’s face.


Aren’t Republicans busy enough with their anti-Obama hate,

Or do they also feel the need to incessantly race-bait?


(Then again, I guess those two tactics go together;

When trying to attract birds of a feather.)


Here’s Hardball’s 4/27/12 panel discussion. David Corn comments on the commercial’s racial aspect.

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Here’s Rev. Al’s discussion of the ad. Rev. Al, the reason the ad didn’t make you angry at or afraid of Obama is because you weren’t its target audience.

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Here’s the full commercial, followed by 1570604erluldiye’s excellent remix. Does it look to you like Karl Rove might have darkened the President’s skin for part of it?

Here’s your (and Karl’s) theme music, Oh Yeah, by Yello. They sound “black,” but they were actually both white.

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