Times Square

May 3rd, 2010

As reported in Times Square SUV Bomb: Pakistani Taliban Group Claims Responsibility; NYPD Says No Evidence (Huffington Post 5/02/10), Times Square video shows possible suspect (Washington Post 5/03/10), Times Square bomb (WashingtonPost.com 5/03/10 12:00 p.m.), Cops quiz SUV owner after failed bomb (MSNBC.com 5/03/10 ~6:00 p.m.), and everywhere else, an unidentified white male tried to set off a giant bomb in an SUV in Times Square on Saturday night. A Pakistani Taliban-affiliated group claimed responsibility, but they’ve made false claims before so that’s not definitive.

Who set the bomb off in Times Square?

I don’t know (I wasn’t there).

But until the questions are resolved,

I’ll suspect that domestic terrorists were involved.

The evidence is just circumstantial,

But it’s not insubstantial.

The suspicious white guy caught changing his t-shirt on video

(Watch that in the surveillance footage below).

The ring of keys the perp left behind

Isn’t something you’d in Muslim fanatic’s car usually find.

The home-grown bomb components

Made from commonly available contents.

The gun cabinet the bomb materials were packed

(A 78 pound metal rifle cabinet, to be exact).

Street vendor Duane Jackson saw smoke from the SUV’s top

And immediately alerted a cop.

He was the hero of the day.

In spite of his ordeal, he was on the square again the next day.

Is this what happens when the disloyal opposition doesn’t hold back?

Did all the right wing incitement and hatred finally lead to this attack?

Is there more to come? Is this just a sample?

Was it domestic terrorists following McVeigh’s example?

I think we’ll know for sure before long.

And I hope to God my suspicion is wrong.


Here’s the surveillance video footage.

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