June 4th, 2010

Twenty-one years ago today,

Thousands of Chinese protesters were blown away.

So if you are a Tea Party hater

Who thinks Obama is a communist dictator,

Watch the video below

And then maybe you’ll know:

That’s the face of dictatorship.

So Teabaggers and Fox, please get a grip.

And Teabaggers, about the modern day corollary,

You’re not the Tiananmen protesters (on the contrary):

You represent the forces of reaction

Who against peaceful demonstrators took violent action.

To my Chinese friends,

Unlike what the government still contends,

The truth of Tiananmen will eventually be admitted.

But will there be justice for the crimes committed?

And to the protesters, both living and dead

Who were willing for freedom their own blood to shed,

The government criticized you and your protesting compatriots,

But I recognize you for what you were and are: patriots.


For two excellent books on the subject, read The Tiananmen Papers, a collection of leaked secret Chinese documents about Tiananmen, and Prisoner of the State: The Secret Journal of Premier Zhao Ziyang, the secret memoir written and smuggled out of China by reformist Chinese Premier Zhao Ziyang, who tried to convince demonstrators to leave the square and then opposed the military action, for which he was forced out and put under house arrest.

Here’s your theme music, Hymn to the Fallen by John Williams (from the movie Saving Private Ryan), set to a slide show about the events up to and of June 4th 1989.


Here’s another excellent collection of video clips, including the iconic clip of the lone protester standing down a column of tanks the day after the massacre, set to an original song, “Holding Up A Tank” by the group Plug (download the song and video free here).

And here’s another applicable song, GNR’s long-awaited Chinese Democracy.

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