Three Trillion Dollars

May 7th, 2011

Inspired by It’s Time to Pay the Bin Laden Tax (Daily Kos 5/07/11), Introducing the Bipartisan War Tax Act of 2013 (Perrspectives 2/14/11), Small Business Owners Demand Repeal Of Bush Tax Cuts For The Rich (Huffington Post 5/04/11), an Nobel prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz’s book The Three Trillion Dollar War: The True Cost of the Iraq Conflict. (Watch Stiglitz on Rachel below; for more background, read Ezra Klein’s interview.)

As if you didn’t have enough reason to regret it before,

Economist Joseph Stiglitz has a new cost estimate for the Iraq War.

Over three trillion dollars (that’s trillion with a “t”)–

If you’re having a Party, that buys a lot of Tea.

That’s 60 times what the Bushies said it would cost

And $750 million for each US life lost.

Was it money well spent? Was it money we could afford?

(Not to mention the fact that oil prices then soared.)

Repubs claimed it was worthwhile (enough to play fast and loose with the facts),

Just not enough to sacrifice generous cuts in their wealthy constituents’ tax.

Afghanistan will cost at least another $3 trillion bucks,

Which given Bush’s failure to get Bin Laden really kinda sucks.

As a result, we’ll be paying for those wars for many years to come,

Which to me seems pretty darn dumb.

But the dead, wounded, and their families paid the highest price

(So much for shared sacrifice).

If their dedication and commitment inspire,

Don’t complain when your Bush tax cuts expire.

If you supported the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq,

The least you can do is help pay that money back.

Coincidentally, the Progressive Caucus has a plan for that,

So rich Republicans, please support our troops in combat.

You don’t have to enlist—just stay a wealthy, comfy civilian.

And pay your fair share of that $3 trillion.


Here’s Rachel’s 5/04/11 interview with the book’s author, Nobel prize winning economist Joseph Stiglitz.

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