Those Damned Dems

December 14th, 2009

Inspired by the Fox News tagline “Dems Block GOP Filibuster” ( 12/06/09, updated 12/12/09). I looked up the cached version on Google to see what they’d changed between the Dec. 6 and 12 versions (a glaring error? an even worse biased unsupported statement than usual?), but unfortunately the earlier version was no longer available. For a similarly biased analysis (the title says it all), check out Senate sends $1.1 trillion pork-laden bill to Obama: Republicans ask for veto of pork-filled catchall measure (Washington Times 12/14/09). Or, for actual reporting, read Senate clears $447B omnibus measure ( 12/13/09) and Spending measure clears Senate (Washington Post 12/14/09).

Now I think I’ve seen it all.

What a case of unmitigated gall!

The obstructionist Dems are at it again,

Blocking GOP attempts to obstruct them.

“The Senate passed on Sunday a massive spending bill that wraps up $1.1 trillion of the $3.6 trillion annual budget for fiscal year 2010, which started Oct. 1… The 1,000-plus-page bill covers spending for the Departments of Education, State, Health and Human Services, Transportation and Housing and Urban Development, among others.”

Fox News and the Washington Times don’t use the $447 billion figure

Because saying “$1.1 trillion” makes Dem spending seem much bigger.

The $1.1 trillion includes outlays over which Congress has no control.

It’s only in the 40% discretionary spending that Congress can play a role.

“[The bill]  bundles six of the 12 annual spending bills, capping a dysfunctional appropriations process in which House leaders blocked Republicans from debating key issues while Republican lawmakers dragged out debates.”

Well, at least you mentioned that Republicans dragged out debate

(Considering your “Dems Block GOP Filibuster” title, maybe a little late).

I know you want to express your views,

But do you have to mix commentary in with the news?

“The government’s total debt has nearly doubled in the past seven years and is expected to exceed the current ceiling of $12.1 trillion before Jan. 1.”

The National Debt more than doubled under Bush.

By picking “seven years” for your metric, what view are you trying to push?

“The measure provides spending increases averaging about 10 percent to programs under immediate control of Congress, blending increases for veterans’ programs, the NASA space agency and the FBI with a pay raise for federal workers and help for car dealers.”

Those damned Federal workers don’t deserve a cent

(Later on we find out their raise was just 2 percent).

Are you telling me you’re against the Vets and FBI anti-terrorism funding boost?

(And PS: NASA’s budget was actually reduced.)

     The car dealers’ money is “Cash for Clunkers,”

Which as we know, Republicans love to hate.

If they’d just stop complaining for a few minutes,

Wouldn’t that be great?

“The bill would void a long-standing ban on the funding of abortion by the District of Columbia government and overturns a ban on federal money for needle exchange programs in the nation’s capital. It also would phase out a D.C. school voucher program favored by Republicans and opens the door for the city to permit medical marijuana.”

“Long standing,” i.e., instituted by the GOP,

Which likes to ban things in DC.

Every place else in the Nation determines how to spend their own local taxes,

Except for DC, disenfranchised by Congressional budget axes.

“‘Our economy is still recovering from one of the worst recessions in our nation’s history. American families aren’t spending far and away above their means, and the federal government shouldn’t be either,’ said Sen. Johnny Isakson, Georgia Republican.”

A big reason for government spending ($447 billion discretionary funds, to be exact)

Is the drop in personal and state/local spending to counteract.

If we hadn’t done that, we’d have had another Great Depression

Instead of just the Bush-caused recession.

“Taxpayer watchdog groups say the bills are loaded with thousands of earmarks, the pork-barrel spending projects lawmakers include to direct money to pet projects.”

The definition of an earmark is something you’re opposed to.

If you like it, it’s just spending that you control where it goes to.

Earmarks and spending both grew during the 12 years Republicans controlled Congress,

So it’s funny such spending now causes them such distress.

“If you really want to reduce wasteful spending, vote against this bill.” — Sen. John McCain (R-AZ,  quoted by before the vote Sunday, complaining that the package had been thrown together with precious little scrutiny or transparency

Sen. McCain said the package was “thrown together” with “precious little scrutiny,”

Almost every Republican opposed it (only three dared to mutiny).

But one thing I don’t understand about McCain’s accusation

Is how that’s possible given all Republicans did to delay the bill’s consideration.

     And notice how a real paper cites both Republican and Democratic views

That’s how your supposed to do the news.

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