Thinking Big (…By Thinking Small?)

August 10th, 2011

A follow up to Save Our Skins  and Bring Back Big, inspired by Think big, Mr. Obama (Harold Meyerson,Washington Post8/10/11) and insightful reporting on America’s infrastructure and jobs crises from Ezra Klein, Chris Matthews, Lawrence O’Donnell, and Rachel Maddow. Please click here or on the links below to read our policy proposal and sign the petition asking for President Obama and the Congress to take immediate action to create jobs and restore economic growth.


Dear Mr. President:


Republicans don’t have a problem with thinking big

(One reason they picked up the 2010 House gig).


They, not you, have been the advocates of radical change,

Which for self-identified “conservatives” is a little strange.


(Of course for Repubs, thinking big means thinking small,

Or in government terms, preferably none at all.)


We’ve got big problems, so we need a big solution,

Not half measures or amendments to the Constitution.


(The latter is the favored Republican response,

As if it would help, Grover’s pledge into our Constitution to ensconce.

Even if the amendment passed, it would take years to have any effect,

At a time when the economy can’t afford continued neglect.)


But just because even half measures are better than no measures at all

Doesn’t mean you should respond to GOP idiocy by going small.


In our current crisis, bigger is what we need,

Not only in words, but also in deed.


Thinking and acting big is also your only chance to be reelected,

Which becomes decreasingly likely as people become increasingly disaffected.


Big deficit reduction, big infrastructure investment, big job creation

To try anything less represents your responsibility’s willing abdication.


Though I risk, Mr. President, the obvious to state,

You must propose what’s really needed, not triangulate.


Sure, right-wingers in Congress and the media will resist,

But you, Mr. President, must insist.


It might not work fast enough, or at all,

But it’s better to go down fighting than not fight at all.


If Repubs defeat it, the deepening recession will be their fault,

Just like America’s near debt default.


I know, Mr. President, that you have what it takes,

So put your foot on the gas, not on the brakes.


Americans want you to stand up and fight.

You might not win, but then again, you might.



Click HERE to sign the petition.

Here are Hardball’s 8/10/11 and 8/09/11 panel discussions about how President Obama can make a comeback and what he should propose on the economic front.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

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