There’s Gold On That There Hill

November 18th, 2011

Inspired by Gingrich found gold in health reform (Washington Post11/18/11 page A1).


“I don’t think newt was trying to be an influence-peddler. If he had wanted to do that, he could have done that, and he would have been rewarded handsomely for it, I’m sure.” – erstwhile Gingrich spokesman Rick Tyler


$37 million isn’t “handsomely rewarded” enough?

Life as a “strategic consultant” sure is rough.


Newt has been running on the basis of his outsider erudition

While cashing in on his long career as a shady politician.


Newt’s been mining his knowledge of and connections on the Hill

In order his personal coffers with lucre to fill.


No wonder he wants to keep the healthcare battle going–

So his bank account balance can keep growing.


Here’s Politics Nation’s 11/18/11 report of The Gingrich Group’s $37+ million take from Big Health. Back then, Newt was promoting a little something called the individual mandate, and speaking very highly of death panels. Sen. Barney Frank also has some choice things to say about Newt’s hypocrisy.

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