Theon’s Return

July 30th, 2017

Here’s my prediction for Theon’s return, possibly tonight.


Is Theon still a men, though without his member?

Yes, because Yara said he’s her protector, remember?


My prediction for tonight’s Game of Thrones episode (= S07 E03), or if not tonight, then an episode soon to come, is that Theon will come back to rescue Yara. A lot of people online are giving Theon a hard time for chickening out, but what could he have done? If he’d rushed Euron trying to rescue Yara, Euron would have had plenty of time to kill her before Theon could stop him, and then Euron probably would have made short work of Theon as well. So, I think Theon did the right thing, even though it looks bad.

In fact, I think it’s possible that Theon faked running away in terror in order to make Euron think that he didn’t have anything to fear from his return, so that Euron would let his guard down. Why do I think that? Well, because it would be a clever trick, and Theon is (or at least used to be) an at least somewhat clever guy. Also, if you paid attention to the scene afterwards when Theon was in the water, he didn’t seem afraid or panicked. On the contrary, he seemed pretty calm and collected. Also, remember that when Yara and Theon were below decks before the battle, Yara referred to Theon as her “protector.” From a metaplot perspective, I believe the writers wrote that in order to set up Theon’s eventual heroism.

Even if Theon really did flee in terror, I think that by the time it’s time to mount his rescue, he’ll have recovered his senses, and will then seek to redeem himself.

Either way, I think that he’ll at some point (probably when it’s least expected) rescue his dear sister Yara.

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