The Wrong Lesson

January 26th, 2014

Learn your lesson, America (the right one this time): Don’t let 2014 be 2010 all over again.


Republicans won

In 2010

Because people were in pain

And afraid back then.


It wasn’t because

Most people supported

The vision of America

That the Tea Party distorted.


It wasn’t because

GOP policies had succeeded

Or ‘cause they stopped Obama from doing

What America needed.


It was because the were willing and able

America’s fear and pain to worsen

So they could focus peoples’ anger and hate

On only one person.


(The Nazis similarly blamed

Germany’s economy on the Jews,

And they didn’t even

Have Fox News.)


Republicans learned

The anti-American lesson

That they do better when pain increases

Instead of trying to make it lessen.


So don’t reward Republicans

For being hateful and mean

Vote Democratic

In 2014.


Please, America,

Don’t let 2010

Happen to us

All over again.


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