The War of 2012

March 14th, 2012

It’s been 200 years since the coincidentally named War of 1812 and the Brits aren’t trying to burn the White House down anymore. Too bad Republicans are…


“It’s now been 200 years since the British came here, to the White House — under somewhat different circumstances. They made quite an impression. They really lit up the place. But we moved on. And today, like so many Presidents and Prime Ministers before us, we meet to reaffirm one of the greatest alliances the world has ever known.” – President Obama welcoming British PM David Cameron and his wife Samantha at the White House this morning


“I am a little embarrassed, as I stand here, to think that 200 years ago, my ancestors tried to burn this place down. Now, looking around me, I can see you’ve got the place a little better defended today. You’re clearly not taking any risks with the Brits this time.” – British Prime Minister David Cameron


“The single most important thing we want to achieve is for President Obama to be a one-term president.” – Sen. Mitch McConnell in October 2010


200 years ago, it was about us versus the Brits.

This year, it’s attacking Obama and pandering about grits.


This year’s war is a civil one,

Albeit not a very civil one.


Washington has never been a conflict-free town,

But this is the first time Republicans have tried to burn the White House down.


Hopefully it won’t take 200 years

Before Republicans overcome their hatred and fears.


The cornerstone US-UK relationship has endured for 70+ years. Republicans didn’t break it off every time Britain had a socialist government and then wait until conservatives came back into power to restore it, nor did Democrats (rabid socialists according to the right-wing echo chamber, but in many ways actually more conservative than British conservatives) break it off when conservatives were in power in Britain.

Why then do Congressional Republicans find it necessary to declare war against the White House now that it contains a Democrat?

Here’s the welcome ceremony for David Cameron and his wife Samantha at the White House this morning.

Here’s Mitch McConnell on Fox discussing his statement, which he later amended that to say that defeating Obama was his “top political priority,” but by then the cat was already out of the bag.

Here’s your theme music, Burning Down the House, by the Talking Heads (the video clip is from the Stop Making Sense movie).

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