The Vanishing

February 17th, 2011

Inspired by Whites vanishing from suburbia (DC Examiner 2/17/11).

“Your obsession is my weapon.” – a very scary Jeff Bridges in The Vanishing

Are you white?

Does the thought of encroaching minorities keep you up at night?

Do you live in the ‘burbs?

Then today’s Examiner’s headline no doubt disturbs.

It’s what we’ve all long been fearing:

Suburban whites are disappearing.

None of us can avoid this trend’s effects–

If you haven’t vanished yet, you’re probably next.

If you weren’t afraid before, you should be now.

Is whites’ disappearance something we can allow?

The brown-black flood has already begun.

Better go out and get a gun.


Here’s a scene from the movie from which this post takes its name (though they’re both by the same director, the Dutch original is supposed to be much better).


PS to the DC Examiner’s editorial staff:
Fear is a very powerful emotion.
Thank you, Examiner, for its promotion.
Yes, it’s a real trend—by all means report it.
But why do you feel the need to distort it?
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