The Unkindest CUTS

January 12th, 2011

Inspired by Texas Republican wants to cut federal workforce by 10 percent (Washington Post 1/12/11).

While blocking DADT repeal Repubs advanced the contention

That open gay service would reduce military retention.

With other federal employees they’re not as concerned,

As if they their salaries haven’t earned.

Soldiers are federal employees too,

But Republicans have more respect for what  they do.

As a result, every time a Republican sneezes,

Out comes something about federal cutbacks and pay freezes.

Unfortunately, Obama appears to have added to these GOP fires

With his unilateral freeze on federal salaries and new hires.

Texas Republican Kevin Brady wants to enact

The Cut Unsustainable and Top-heavy Spending (CUTS) Act.

I’m all for a grand debate about what the government should do

And what the best way to do it is too.

But this kind of arbitrary workforce cut

Would only be proposed by an anti-government nut.

So Kev, if you’re looking for a government employee to sack,

Why don’t YOU  just quit (you woudn’t even have to unpack).

That’s something you could do without messy legislation,

And think of the benefits to the govenrment and nation.

After all, congressional salaries are among the top heaviest:

If you want to save money and improve efficiency, starting with yourself would be best.

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