The Threat (or, We Got Trouble)

July 13th, 2010

Inspired by Colorado GOP crazies former Congressman Tom Tancredo and Senate hopeful Ken Buck.

In describing the greatest threat to our Nation

Tom Tancredo made a startling accusation.

No, it’s not the nuclear war, global warming, or international terror:

It’s the Democratic Party’s standard bearer.

Yes, President Obama is the greatest threat

That has ever faced our country yet.

He’s worse than any threat we’ve faced before,

Including the Depression and Second World War.

GOP Senate candidate Ken Buck at first chose to demur,

But then worrying about seeming inadequately pure

Reversed himself and went Tancredo one better:

It’s the whole Progressive movement that seeks America to fetter.

That, Ken, is called passing the Buck,

And is yet another example of extremism run amuck.

At first I thought you’d demonstrated a modicum of independence,

But now I see you’re just like the other malcontents.

And that, ye’ Teabaggers who such extremist views abet

Is something that actually is a real threat.

I won’t follow your hyperbolic example, however,

And claim that it’s the greatest threat ever.

But it is pretty high up on the list.

So please with the extremist rhetoric desist.


Here’s Hardball’s 7/09/10 report on Tancredo’s statement.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here’s Hardball’s 7/13/10 report on Ken Buck’s one-upsmanship.

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Here’s your theme music, Ya Got Trouble from The Music Man (kudos to Chris for making that connection). The clip is set to start at the music, but you should go back and listen to the whole introductory dialogue about how huckster Harry Hill discusses what scapegoat to use to incite enough fear to advance his interests (creating a band so he can making money selling instruments). Sound familiar?

Speaking of hucksters inciting trouble, here’s a brilliant spoof about the greatest of all right-wing con men, Glenn Beck. (Is it a coincidence that “Glenn Beck” and “Ken Buck” rhyme? I think not.)

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