The Threat to Marriage

October 15th, 2009

Inspired by the anti-gay marriage video from Nation for Marriage (watch it below, along with Stephen Colbert’s excellent parody).

A storm is coming.

It’s drawing near.

The threat to marriage

Is very clear.


The Bible leaves no room for doubt—

It’s what marriage is all about.

If you’re of the True Faith and you’re devout

This is one rule that you can’t flout.


It’s right there in plain English

(translated from the original Greek, of course).

But the threat isn’t gay marriage,

The threat to marriage is divorce.


As Matthew 19 says:

What God has joined together

Let noone break asunder.

It’s not in there anyplace

Who can’t get married in the first place.


The Catholic Church agrees

And “No divorce” decrees.

But as you may point out

Not all Catholics are so devout.


Other Christian denominations

Don’t consider divorce an abomination.

Neither do other major faiths,

Or Anglicanism (since Henry the Eighth).


“I’m not Catholic,” you say with relief,

“So I don’t have to follow their belief.”

But your reply underscores

That I shouldn’t have to follow yours.


More than half of marriages end up split

That’s a pretty big number, one has to admit.

How many unions has gay marriage undone?

Let me check: the answer’s…


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