The Song that Never Ends

August 25th, 2014

Inspired by Shelter crisis for immigrant youths ease (Anita Kumar, Washington Post 8/25/14 page A11).


It wasn’t a problem Obama created,

And after a month, the “crisis” has abated.


Obama took action, and the problem’s largely resolved.

Of course, Republicans in the solution weren’t involved.


(Note that Obama acted to faithfully execute the law,

Demonstrating yet another GOP logical flaw.)


Contrast this with the GOP problem-solving approach:

When faced with a problem, don’t solve—reproach.


That’s because Republicans don’t want solutions:

They just want meaningless partisan attack resolutions.


Whether it’s 50+ attempts to repeal Obamacare or a border bill they knew wouldn’t pass the Senate,

Repubs aren’t interested in solving a problem, just exploitin’ it.


They just want hearings and investigations

(That also helps them solicit more donations.)


Repubs are quick to cry “failure” instead of just waiting

To see if there’s an actual reason for their apocalyptic hating.


When crashed, Repubs did the same,

Using a temporary setback to “prove” their Obamacare-will-never-work claim.


When a problems is fixed, Repubs don’t admit they were wrong:

They just somehow kept singing the same sorry song.


Of course, the border kids crisis was twice as fun

Because it combined two hates in one.


But this repeated premature blame is getting increasingly annoying,

Not to mention that it our system of government is destroying.


Hey GOP: Instead of this same sad song and dance,

How about you try giving Obama a chance?


I get that you want to sabotage Obama every chance you get,

Even now that we’re facing a national security threat.


But can’t you just wait until he actually does fail

Before trying to pound in yet another nail?


Here‘s your theme music, The Song that Never Ends, courtesty of Sesame Street.


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